Services & Capabilities

Digital Transformation

Nothing gets our team more driven than integrating technology in your every day operations, we take pride as a company to transform the way you operate and integrate technology everywhere it can.

Digital Assessment

Digitalization is a challenge for many of our clients, we evaluate the digital strategy of your company and propose solutions to improve your digital transformation.


We offer different kind of trainings to our customers from interns to introducing a technology to a development squad, we also stay available for questions during the conceptualization phase.


Technology has made huge advancements since the first start of the digitalization. A lot of solutions out there are outdated and soon are at risk of no longer having an option to run securely. We can help you to plan a viable migration plan without affecting your operations too much.

Cloud Solutions

Since COVID-19 the world was shaken by a rapid need of digitalization, the remaining companies that resisted the digital world has no choice to adapt and start using solutions. Because of the overwhelming increase of traffic on the internet the cloud has been a life savior and we are glad to say that we were already in position to help our clients with cloud solutions.

Advanced Analytics

One of our major customer is a large restaurants franchising group, MTY GROUP, they have 75 different brands under one organization. Working with MTY has been a benefit that allowed us to specialize in advanced analytics. Building reports with many years worth of sales and a large amount of locations, this really stresses the importance of Business Intelligence and Reporting.

Digital Accounting

Many solutions in the market just take in consideration the optimization of operations and leave the accounting departments without any tools to track aging reports and financial statements. We take pride in building system that have automated billing. They also offer reports and exports for accountants to feel included in the digitalization process of the company.


PoweredSoft makes use of different agility tools and strives to improve our development process. The Agile methodology encourages the participation of the stakeholders inside the process of digitalization, this involvement allows better transparency and ensures that the software delivered is what the customers want.


"The e-commerce market, where consumers and businesses can buy and sell products and services exclusively through electronic channels, has been continuously developing in the past decade. Retail sales from worldwide electronic commerce are forecast to grow from 3.53 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019 to over 6.54 trillion in 2023." Statista COVID-19 has accelerated this process and we are happy to say that we've helped our customers move to online sales during those difficult times. Go "La Vie Est Belle"!

Digital Payments

Digital Payment integrations offers convenience to our clients. Ranging from Electronic Fund Transfers, card present integration with payment terminals, online credit card processing, and loyalty & gift cards. Digital Payments is key to get paid fast and securely. We are a proud partner of Global Payments for online credit card processing, they offer great API's to for multi merchant account sharing of saved credit cards processing without the difficulty of having to do the PCI DSS certification. They are amazing at getting our clients on board with their application and make everything so much easier.