Our non-profit member based association represents personal care homes, supportive housing and assisted living residences. Our Mission is to be a valued advisor and partner in promoting safe and person-centred care & living options for Manitoba’s seniors. LTCAM engages members and partners in promoting continuing care living options and services that support the health and well-being of Manitoba’s seniors. Our website is a critical component of our advocacy, public education and information. We have the only Navigation information for seniors looking for various care options in MB. (We see 350,000 page views annually). For this reason, our website is enormous – more than 600 pages. Our website was old and created in various obsolete programs and codes. Powered Softwares took what we had and created a new mobile website, never once missing our intent and our mission for seniors in MB. It was such a positive experience. There were creative suggestions offered that proved invaluable. Service has been prompt and courteous at all times and all costs are known ahead of time. Estimates are provided and are always accurate. This helps us with our small budget. We are very appreciative of the work done for us.

Jan Legeros
Executive Director, Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba

During the past few years, myself and most of the team members at Okidoo.ca had the chance to work in collaboration with PoweredSoft. Their vast experience and ability to efficiently spread knowledge took an important place in the development of our business. All those bits and bytes moving at light speed requires us to stay on top and I can honestly say that PoweredSoft is one of the main reason why we were able to do it.

Michael Lavigne
Président, Okidoo Interactif

By far the best development resource I have had the opportunity to work with throughout my career. David’s abilities, capacity, and level of business understanding in a variety of industries are quite rare. Always on time, always on a budget, and honest in every aspect. Highly recommend David and his team for any development work you are looking to complete.

Serge Poutchigian
Information Technology Business Consultant, S-TCG

Powered Soft is a one of the most impressive software company I have had the opportunity to work with. They no not fear to grasp new and challenging projects and they are always determined to deliver them on time. I am impressed with Powered Soft's vast amount of technology knowledge and willingness to adapt to the new. They continue to impress us and we are proud to use their services on an ongoing basis.

Anthony Pettas

J'étais à la recherche d'un spécialiste en création de sites Web possédant des compétences technologiques au-dessus des normes de simple programmeur. Quelqu'un qui maîtrise parfaitement Internet. Mon objectif était que l'on m'explique certains points techniques très précis pour me permettre de prendre des décisions éclairées. C'est à ce moment que j'ai communiqué avec David chez les professionnels de l'équipe PoweredSoft. Il a répondu à mes attentes et même davantage. Il a été en mesure de prendre en charge des sites Web qui utilisaient une ancienne plateforme rendant impossible sa mise à jour. Bref, leur travail d'équipe m'a permis de surmonter une situation difficile, voire désespérée.

Henri Frappier
Président, Somi-t inc.

Working at Powered Soft was my first full-time job as a software developer, and I liked the great atmosphere. It allowed me to learn and grow as a software developer. It provided many opportunities for learning about all aspects of web development. They use many of the latest technologies and have well-designed frameworks & libraries being used so that you can "learn, play and apply". Sometimes there will be challenging tasks, and team members are always willing to help you to get things done even if we are all working remotely. I found that I have become a better software developer while working at Powered Soft and now have the ability to engage in all aspects of web application development all that in a short time.

Yubing Liang
Former Full stack developer, Powered Softwares Inc.

Powered Soft is an awesome company to work at. The projects we work on are diversified and always fun to develop with our in-house frameworks. Powered Soft offers flexible work hours and allow us to work from home. I was someone very insecure about my work, always thinking that my work was not good enough but in less than a year I have learned how to be an independent developer, a full stack developer, good work practices, new programming techniques, new technologies and more.

Mathias Beaulieu-Duncan
Full stack developer, Powered Softwares Inc.

Une compagnie professionnelle et à l'écoute de ses clients. Powered Soft et sont équipe sont dévouées pour nous offrir un site avec toutes les fonctions que nous désirions et plus encore. Service rapide et qui a dépassé toutes nos espérances. Il est certain que nous referons affaire avec eux pour des projets futurs

Marise Landreville
Fondatrice, Dream Lan